random workDANNY ASTRONAUTDEER (book1, ver.2)Danny the Astronaut Deer! (1st book, ver.2)Danny and the Question Mark Planet! (book1.5, ver.1)Danny the Astronaut Deer: The Adventure on Planet X! (book2, ver.1)Danny the Astronaut-Deer in the Return of the Deer-Guy! (book 1, ver.1)Stella the Stegopotamus (I don't immediately have all my files available, just this!), my newest book!
I like to draw and paint, almost anything! Just "click" images on the left, maybe you'll find something you like!
And if you would like one of my children's books, I publish them through the website! get yours today!

I have a new book available now, Stella the Stegopotamus! I think you'll like it!