Danny is an astronautHe likes to draw*draw2*Give him some tea*And he will draw you a picture*Some people think that the things he draws are so strange, that they can't be realBut he sees them all, when he goes to...SPACE!*space2*He goes to many different planets, to see...*planets2*The jelliphants*jelliphants2*The bunneflies*bunneflies2*The giraffacats*the giraffacats2*And the jaguafish*jaguafish2*Danny thinks you can make fun pictures from what you see every day too!Just grab some paper and a pencilYou can draw your catcat2Or maybe a good friend*friend2*Anything!You can do it!And then you can share your pictures with all of your friends!*friends2*You might even get some free tea out of it!
Danny the Astronaut Deer! (1st book, ver.1)
this is my first children's book. they are all 9x12 oil paintings.